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God Of Gods

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1 hrs 30 mins

Release date: 03 Mar, 2019

Language: Hindi

Category: Bollywood Movies

Genre: Drama,

Start Cast: Shiva,Triyug Mantri,Tejaswini Manogna,Babbu,Rajsingh Verma,Mr. John,

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About Movie

If each religion represents a different musical note, then together what a beautiful music we could make with a shared love in One Universal God. What a perfect melody and harmony we could create with the common belief in One Universal God, where each religion would resonate on the frequency of universal love and brotherhood to help build a more peaceful and beautiful world.

People Review


must watch movie 6 hours ago

knowing truth about urself and ur real god ...the supreme soul. it's time to know about whole universe ur own identity and truth 9f life. brahma kumaris


Such a great message by god 18 hours ago

world history shown very nice like starting and ending of this earth. also described about laxmi narayan. what is soul and supreme soul. why the world is like this now and what is the futur after diatruction of the earth.


Good movie to watch 2 days ago

Evolution of life was wonderfully explained. The theory about the God was excellent. The narration of the film was little bit better. But the conclusion of the about the God was super.


God arrived 2 days ago

it's great effort to bring out facts and figures abt God, it's clearly dipicts how to realise U'RE self and how to connect with our own God father in a brief visualisation, VFX and music are highlight of the film


Jesus is the God of God's, 2 days ago

Jesus is the God of God's and King of Kings... there is no other apart from Jesus Christ... Believe in Jesus Christ them you and your household will be saved.. .