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1 hrs 52 mins

Release date: 08 Feb, 2019

Language: Hindi

Category: Bollywood Movies

Genre: Comedy,Thriller,

Start Cast: Chetan Hansraj,Manisha Kelkar,Raashul Tandon,Vik Khanna,

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About Movie

Vik owns a pizza restaurant with great revenues, until, one fine day, he follows his friends advice of a quick fix solution to up his revenues further - The Jhol. Together, they come with a new pizza topping which can keep customers addicted to the pizza. The new toppings happen to be a mild narcotic herb. Will Vik succeed in his plans or fall prey to his own greed?

People Review


Very good movie 6 months ago

Very good movie .. being a new comer hero has played excellent action .. songs also very good .. college students must see this movie to know about drugs edicts


Very good message that needs to get spread. 6 months ago

The movie is Fun and wacky with some hilarious scenes. Vik, Rashul, Chetan, Manisha and Rakesh are all superb with their roles. It has a very good balance of emotion, comedy and action. Must watch for today's generation!👍


Jhol is a small film with a big message for this and future generations 6 months ago

Vik is confident and knows his job. Support cast has added to the proceedings. Good music from Bapi Tutul and a super entertaining joy ride which the youth will surely enjoy. Go treat yourself to a great effort from this debut director and star sure to be accepted by the masses. Two thumbs up!!


it's a great movie, very good msg to the nation 6 months ago

Acting of Vik khanna, Rasul and Chetan is really good. please go and watch this movie. it's a great movie, very good msg to the nation. Every body has done a great job